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ACLU – Definition: Americans Can’t Live United

July 10, 2012

Every time I see ACLU in an article the hair on the back of my neck stands up, because i know I am not going to like what I am about to read. Is there any other organization that has done more to hurt our society then the ACLU? Now it’s about suing school districts because some of them are trying single sex classrooms. Now I will admit right up front i don’t know much about this issue, and I have not heard anything in the media about it until now. One thing I do know is the left and the ACLU do more to promote stereotypes then any one else in America!

The reason the ACLU is suing is because they say it promotes archaic gender stereotypes, yet they fail to clarify exactly what these stereotypes are, or provide any specific studies or failed programs as evidence as to why this approach will not work. Brenda Green, executive director of the ACLU of W. Virginia says ” in light of mounting evidence that separating students on the basis of sex does not actually improve academic outcomes. Our children deserve real solutions, not fake science.” What is this mounting evidence, where did they find it, and why don’t they cite it?

This is from the US Education Department web site, SS-means single sex classroom and CE-means coeducational. “Findings regarding school track and subject preferences were mixed, with the overall weight of the findings lying somewhere between pro-SS findings and no differences. A majority of studies favored SS schools on the outcome of higher educational aspirations, as evidenced by SS students showing more interest in and taking more difficult courses. SS schools fostered higher educational and career aspirations for girls. More studies emphasized the positive effect of SS schools on career aspirations than CE schools for boys, but evidence regarding their educational aspirations was mixed. A category called “attitudes toward school” showing mixed results was actually a combination of single studies using somewhat different outcome variables, thus reducing the meaningfulness of the category. In terms of actual behaviors, a few studies focused on delinquency, reporting differences in favor of SS schools that were moderated by individual developmental differences. What is lacking is a conceptual framework to tie together the myriad academic-attitude outcome measures used in this realm so that studies will be more directly comparable”.

The Us Dept of Education is telling us a majority of the studies either favored it or there was no difference, and some of the studies were inconclusive. So what data is the ACLU working from? Our educational system is failing in so many ways, so if they want to try something new, proven or not, let them try, because what they are doing so far is not working! The reason it is not working has many explanations depending on who you talk to, I believe the focus has drifted to far from educating, it is not a schools job to build self-esteem and make everyone feel good about themselves, or advance the gay agenda as they are doing.

And what are these archaic gender stereotypes they refer to? It does not matter if you believe in evolution or creationism, either way any thinking person can tell men and women are different. That’s the problem our schools are no longer turning out thinking people, they are indoctrinated into a liberal agenda it seems. Lets go back to what worked all of those years we turned out well educated children for many years. I will give you a perfect example, me, I quit school in 9th grade and went and got my G.E.D in 1977, I passed on the first try with good marks. If the system worked well enough to give me an education at the 9th grade level, that was good enough to pass my G.E.D, it was doing something right.

Many of the high school graduates you deal with today can’t even make change if the computerized register does not tell them how much to give me back. Who knows about their command of the english language, and we know they are changing American History to please the lefts agenda. So maybe the ACLU should just shut up and wait to see the outcome of more comprehensive studies first. Oh wait, for them to do that we need single sex classrooms so we can do more studies, but that won’t fit their agenda of remaking America into their vision of it!

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  1. July 21, 2012 10:22 am

    Great issues altogether, you just received a new reader. What would you recommend about your post that you made a few days in the past? Any positive?

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