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Obama’s czars and lies about cars

July 9, 2012

What won’t this administration say to try and make it seem like Obama has actually done some thing real in over 3 years in the White house. Now transportation secretary Ray LaHood is trying to give obama’s fuel standards credit for jump starting the Lexus Hybrid auto line. When you consider the fact that Lexus introduced their first hybrid in 2004, the RX 400h that premiered at the 2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and went on sale in North America in April 2005.

Wasn’t Obama running for the US senate in 2004, and how many years of research and development did Lexus have into it before 2004? The standards LaHood is referring to are the C.A.F.E (corporate average fuel economy) standards, they were first enacted by the US Congress in 1975. The purpose if the legislative was to improve fuel economy of cars and light trucks in the United States. Each administration since has tinkered with the numbers, but none of them can take credit for those fuel standards advancing any specific technology. Technology is driven by need and market forces. So I will add Mr. LaHood’s comment to the ever growing line of BS coming from the Obama administration.

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