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Work for Welfare

July 7, 2012

Here’s an idea, and I know the unions will hate it completely. We could take all of the people on welfare and train them for jobs and save money at the same time. Interested? Okay, I’ll tell ya how.

We have all of these union jobs in every municipality, local, county and state. We have to pay (overpaid) them to perform a job, what say we take and get rid of a bunch of them. What for you ask, well we could take people on welfare and start a program where they work many of these union jobs. It could be white collar or blue collar jobs, like an apprenticeship program.

Not only would we be saving money, we would be training people that possibly have no real skills. At the very least municipalities could cut their budgets, and those people on welfare could learn more then just job skills. It could be a win, win situation, but I doubt it could happen because the unions don’t care about America, only themselves. And the politicians only about votes, not voters. But it’s a thought, it could work.

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