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Tweet from a Twit, so what

July 6, 2012

Why is a tweet from that twit chris rock news? That guy is not even smart enough to make it through a whole sentence without swearing. Why would any thinking person pay any attention to hollywood or any one from there? Come on people wake up, I have not supported that crowd of anti American idiots in years. If you do you are an idiot yourself. One of the best things we can do to help America is to stop going to movies, stop buying music and videos, etc. Speak with your wallet, that speaks loudest.

I know many people won’t, they will say I have to have the latest video for my kids, no you don’t. Too many people use TV and video games as a baby sitter or distraction instead of being a real parent. You can see it in many of the idiots walking the streets now a days. I would guess the occupy crowd has a bunch of them in it.

We have to accept the fact America, many of us have gotten off track from our fore fathers intent. We became the greatest country because of our freedoms, rights, beliefs and the willingness to work hard to protect them. Now we have left wing morons like chris rock and bill maher who could not get oe keep a real job, trying to tell us what is wrong with us!

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