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The Section 8 Rate Game

July 6, 2012

Want to save some more tax dollars, check this out. How much money do we spend on housing for the poor in major urban areas? Not sure, me either off the top of my head, but I know most landlords charge more rent when tenants are receiving section 8. Why you wonder? Because many of the tenants living in these approved housing units break doors, windows, handrails, punch and kick holes in walls, etc… at a much higher rate then people paying their own rent. That happens for two reasons, the character of many of the tenants in public subsidized housing, and because the government in most places won’t hold them responsible for all the damage, yet force landlords to keep repairing excessive damage for a net loss on some units. Make them responsible for the damage they do and landlords would not need to inflate rents.

Another issue with most of the section 8 single and two family units rented in large urban areas are old houses with old windows, none or very little insulation, and very old furnaces. So how much of our H.E.A.P dollars spent are being wasted foolishly that way. I sure someone in the government could find a way to institute a program to move some H.E.A.P money into improving the efficiency of heating these units, grants or tax credits for landlords who meet minimum proven standards. Not only might we save some money, but we could conserve fuel possibly also.

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