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The poll-iticians and our Healthcare

July 6, 2012

You know what my biggest problem is with all of the health care debate going on? They are all attacking it at the wrong end, common sense (to me) says we need to reduce the ridiculous costs of health care. Listen to story after story from average Americans about the insane amounts of money they have been charged for just an hour or two at a hospital. It is in the thousands of dollars for a routine ER visit, or prescription drugs costing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month. And the second a device is listed as a medical device the price goes crazy!

I would think we could save billions, yes billions of dollars every year simply by subsidizing our healthcare on the front end. What I mean by that is bring the cost of an education in medicine down, drug company R&D and medical devices, etc… And this will piss people off, but the wages in healthcare are way out of line with reality for the rest of us. And yes, attacking the costs of insurance (malpractice and related costs) needs to addressed also. From what I have read it’s getting harder to find general practitioners because everyone wants to specialize, cause that’s where the money is, yep real dedicated professionals some of them! We don’t need socialized medicine, that won’t cut the cost of healthcare, just spread it around!

But most of the people in Washington were either a doctor or a lawyer before becoming a poll-itician, so they will make sure that health care’s real issues will never be addressed. There is to much money to be made by them, their cronies and the corporations and people that donate millions of dollars to them to help them stay in office. They have sold us, we the people out because they don’t have the strength of character or the guts to stand like real men and women. And that’s on both sides of the isle, dems and repubs, if they were acting like real Americans we would not have most of the problems we do.

When are we going to stop being we the sheeple, get off our ass and do something about it? I think we can figure out to make signs, march, write letters, make phone calls and stand up for ourselves like real Americans. I brought up politics at a party over the 4th and no one wanted to hear it, so where is the problem, not just in Washington. I for one don’t mind if I get knocked down, it means at least I was willing to stand up. As the old saying goes “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”!

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