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Green Energy, in it’s time, not yet

July 6, 2012

Little nugget for thought, Obama wants us to use green technology. His pet project seems to be electric cars. So lets look at that, see where it leads us common sense wise.

1. Costly to buy, most of us can’t afford to buy them yet.

2. No charging stations readily available for the most part.

3. The additional load on the electrical grid system in the country would push it beyond it’s limits if all went out and bought these cars. It would cause brown-outs all over the country.

4. New government regulations (brought to u by obama), would decrease up to 30% of our electrical production because of stricter regulations on coal fired power plants. Increasing the cost to consumers for the power delivered to them.

5. No one has any idea what it would cost to charge your car at home every night, or at work everyday. Will your company give all their employees free electricity to charge it up. At a cost of thousands of dollars a year to them.

6. The cost of the chargers, and the voltage required, most likely 220 will be needed at the charging location. Costing thousands of additional dollars of expenditure to equip each home with a charging station.

I’m all for green technology myself, but at a pace that makes sense and the market can support. High gas prices just hurt you and me, the people making the decisions, either have a gas card or make enough to be out of touch with reality, you decide.

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