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Promote Job growth

July 5, 2012

I am just your average joe out there trying to live my life, like everyone else. What I don’t understand more then anything is why so many people can’t see some of the most obvious things. I keep hearing about the higher unemployment in the black community, why is that? What I mean is, doesn’t the unemployment of all out of work Americans rate the same level of concern? Why stress the importance of the black community, to get votes maybe. I quit school in 9th grade and don’t have a college degree, but some things are just that easy to understand, even without a fancy edjamacation.

What I see very plainly is we need jobs, what creates jobs? Business does, from what I hear, big business, small business, even those little one man (woman) companies help to create jobs (because they need support services also). So what would you think these companies need to create these jobs? My guess would be capital (money) first, and a customer base that needs their product or service would be second. I will skip past the start up portion (business license, insurance, etc…), and look at number 3, that is an environment that promotes business and job growth. Even my limited education allows me to understand that the current level of government regulation and taxation in our country does not promote job growth.

So as an average joe, when I read about all these new regulations the Obama administration and his czars are imposing on business, I have to question his motives. They appear to be to hurt job growth and business expansion from everything I am reading. Our first priority should be to put people back to work, then we can start dealing with the rest of the problems we have. More jobs = less tax dollars spent on assistance programs, more taxable income, which means more money coming in to pay down our debt and finance our country. We all need jobs, not just the black community. Black community leaders and the black community need to step and realize we sink or swim together, crying racism at every turn solves nothing, but that is another blog post all together. So is the education system, which is failing all of us, but more so the minorities in America.

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