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July 4, 2012

This blog is mainly for social issues and such, but I want to have some fun and share other things also. Here is a poem I wrote about fear.


Fears come and fears go,
speed up life and make it slow.

Face it now or it will lurk,
follows everywhere ruins your work.

Should’ve fought it when you cared,
waited too long now you are scared.

Like a shadow it will stalk,
step by step where ever you walk.

Slowly creeps into every dream,
steadily builds into a scream.

Surprising what the mind will create,
if you’re not careful it turns to hate.

Distorts your sense of what is real,
makes you unsure of what you feel.

There are times from desperate lust,
you lose a friend and their trust.

Fears will build with each day,
no matter what don’t run away.

If your smart your life can mend,
by facing your fears in the end.

Copyright © 2012, Keith Vail, All rights reserved.

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