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Adding to our Problems!

July 4, 2012

When I was a young kid, around age 12 or so I had a glamorous view of public servants. I thought wow that would be so cool to work for the government, doing my part to help serve the public. That is why I joined the Navy when I was old enough. I did not see things the way I do now, also things then were not the way they are now, at least to my knowledge. At that young age I thought those people working in those government jobs were there because they loved their country, and wanted to give back something.

Jump to 2012 and reality, what do I see now? I see people that don’t seem to care about their country, it’s more about how much can my union keep getting me? I don’t know exact numbers to site because there are different factors that determine actual pay for each position. But many of the numbers I have seen on different web sites (government and public sites both) tell me most of these people are not there to serve for the good of the country. I have to question if that thought even crosses the minds of most government employees. I don’t begrudge anyone a decent wage, notice I said a decent wage! The statistics prove that their wages are in many cases much higher then the private sector for a similar position, coupled with what appears to be cadillac health care and retirement benefits it’s win, win for them. The losers are the ones who get to finance the current system, that’s us the taxpayers.

The exact numbers are hard to find, but it appears obama has added around 144,000 jobs to the payroll, with and additional 4,182 being added to the IRS. A little over 1000 of them needed because of obamacare alone, at an annual salary of approx $74,000 each, for an additional 426 million annually, don’t forget benefits and retirement costs on top of that. I bring this up because many people, myself included believe we should be cutting the government workforce, not expanding it. What does a business do when times are tough, they lay-off employees. So why are adding to the government payroll when we are borrowing money to operate?

Also, we need to figure these new hires need office space, computers, supplies and possibly vehicles if they are doing field work of any nature. That 426 million just climbed dramatically with the governments supply system, a system that is out dated and not competitive enough to make sense. Sorry I got off track a little at the end here, but when you talk about our government it is never cut and dried. Bottom line we have too many people employed by the government, and many of them there for the wrong reason in some ways.

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