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No One In Washington Serving US Anymore!

March 19, 2012

I just read an article that I found interesting, it was about last years debt talks between the administration and the Republicans. It shed some light on the talks that we previously did not have. I could not find the original article on The Washington Post website, but this covers it pretty well I think. I find it disturbing that neither side can work together for our benefit. Their own agendas seem to be more important to them. One thing I found very disturbing about this article was the fact that the Republicans were willing to put from $800 million to as much as $2 trillion on the table in the form of new tax revenues. Obama was concerned how it would look to his base if he agreed to this, I thought the whole country was his concern. It goes to show he is more concerned with getting re-elected then doing something real for America. And the Republicans, what are they thinking? More tax revenue, our government can’t handle the money they are taking from us now with any responsibility. Why I have to ask is why do we never hear about talks to cut spending, we as Americans have to realize that we can’t keep expecting the level of service we get from the government. There are billions of dollars that could be saved just in stream lining the fed, cutting unneeded people and departments. This administration has hired more people and created more departments then any other before them. Do a little research and you will find out about the ridiculous pay raises given out, in some cases changing the job title or description to justify double or triple pay raises. Neither party is doing anything real to change the way they do our business in Washington, if they were we would not find ourselves in the position we are in, would we? People have to realize just voting is not enough anymore, we must get involved in a more real way if change is to happen.  Well enough from me for now, the link on the article is below, please check it out.


I just read the full article at The Washington Post website, it was a great read and much more informative then the short version.  It’s 5 pages and you may have to create a sign in to read the whole article (I did), but it was worth it. Her’s the link:



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