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Voter I.D. (identi-fraud-cation)?

March 11, 2012

The NAACP is asking the U.N. Human Rights Council to get involved in the voter I.D. issue. On the NAACP website they state that they continue to fight for social justice for all Americans. I am curious to know what rights of mine they have fought to protect? In an article on their website they further state that voter I.D. proposals are simply an attack on “people of color, the poor, the elderly and the young”. I would think the most of the elderly have had proper identification for many years. Yet they fail to state any specific ways in which these proposals accomplish this. One would think if they are concerned with social justice for all Americans they would be all for laws that ensure the legitimacy and integrity of our elections. We have to show proper I.D. for so many things we do in everyday life, I would think most people that vote would already have some form of valid identification. If they didn’t bothered to get proper I.D. how concerned are they with voting to begin with you have to wonder. Through the course of our history I am sure there has been voter fraud from both parties at some point. So I have to wonder why people would be so against a measure that ensures a fair election. What are their motivations, to create more of a racial divide, class warfare? And what kind of a judge finds it unconstitutional  to have proper I.D. to prove who you are? We were all issued a birth certificate at birth, if you lost yours it is not hard or expensive to get a new one. I know I had to get a replacement myself. Personally I believe everyone should have proper identification as a matter of public safety. So ask yourself why are the democrats so against this? What is their true agenda here? And why would anyone want to go through life without proper I.D. to begin with?

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