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Left Wing Loathing?

March 11, 2012

Why is it for many years now the liberal left has cried for individual rights, the freedom to express one’s self and nothing you say or do is really wrong. And they did everything they could to remove the word normal from the American language, because it worked against their agenda of low morals and lack of personal responsibility. Now they are stuck on trying make more out of the Rush Limbaugh situation then it really is, when you compare it to what Bill Maher has said about Sarah Palin. Rush’s comment was tame by comparison, but that’s the left for you. They have taken things way beyond a double standard, they show what gutless uncaring people are really like. For some unknown reason they feel they have the right to say whatever they like, about whoever they want, but those that disagree with them don’t have the same rights. When the right says something they don’t like it’s hate speech, but the left can lash out with blatant disregard for people or the truth and that’s ok. We used to have standards and norms in this country, we showed respect for others even if we did not share the same views. But that was part of the liberal agenda to remove the accepted and shared standards we held for our self as a society. They don’t care about America, or Americans, it’s shows in everything they do and say. They want a different set of rules for their behavior, but if the right mimics what they do we are bigoted and racist! As I have said before I am not a big Rush Limbaugh fan, but at least he had enough class to apologize for his comment. Where are the apologies from the left on the multitude of inappropriate comments made almost daily by them, made with one goal in mind. That goal is to advance their agenda at all costs, even if they have to sacrifice their humanity in the process. And you can be sure they are trying to sacrifice your freedom as an American, in fact that is one of, if not their primary goal. I can understand why they hate true Americans, we are committed to ideals and values that require strength and courage to uphold. Our idea of sacrifice benefits our country, I think their idea of sacrifice is them just having to put up with us being in their country screwing it all up!

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