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Just a Fluke, sandra that is.

March 11, 2012

Is Nancy Pelosi completely clueless, are the democrats desperate to advance their agenda at all costs (lies, deceit, etc…). As we read more into the story of Sandra Fluke, what the dems presented and the reality don’t seem to be the same. Nancy Pelosi stated that the testimony Fluke gave on Feb 23 was “factual” and that she has “a great deal of respect” for it. Fluke testified that contraception can cost a law student $3000 over 3 years, yet it was found out that the Target store 3 miles from campus sells a months supply of birth control pills for $9. That comes out to $108 a year x 3 years = $324. Also the CVS store 2 blocks away sells it for $33 a month, even at the higher cost we still only get $1188 for 3 years. The hearing the democracts held only had one witness testify, Sandra Fluke. When asked about her qualifications to testify on the issue said she had all the credentials she needed to testify because “I’m an American woman who uses contraception. That makes me qualified”. By that logic anyone who uses any product is an expert on it simply because of their use of it. The republicans are saying it’s a religious issue about covering contraceptives. The democrats are saying it’s about women’s right to choose. My question is why are we even talking about contraceptives and insurance? If you wish to have sex you should be able to supply some form (birth control, condoms) of contraceptives for you and your partner. It’s not the responsibility of the government or an insurance company to do this, it is yours! What right does she have to demand we pay for her sex life, she is 30 years old and going to law school, so one would think she is intelligent. But there is that entitlement attitude sweeping America, pushed on every level by the democrats. Do a little reading about Sandra Fluke and you will find out her boyfriend who lives in California is the son of a democratic supporter that has made many political contributions to the democratic party. And I have to wonder, if her boyfriend lives that far away who is she having all this sex with anyways? And she is being represented (for free) by a public relations firm run by a former adviser who served as White House Communications Director in 2009, for Obama. No agenda in any of this is there? Also from what I have read the hearing the democrats held was not an official hearing, it was thrown together in what appears to be an attempt to cloud the real issues. Also to try and get more sympathy from women voters for Obama, and make the republicans look bad. Maybe my mother raised me wrong, but she taught me that I am responsible for myself. She also taught me that your sex life belongs at home, not in public, and to have respect for myself and not sleep around. Maybe I’m just old fashioned and clinging to morals and values that made America great at one time! I am not a big Rush Limbaugh fan, but maybe, just maybe he might have been right on the money this time.

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  1. March 11, 2012 3:05 pm

    Nobody is asking you to pay for someone else’s birth control, you damn liar.

    • March 17, 2012 11:43 pm

      @Ben – Your facts are flawed. The insurance companies would be forced to provide, at no cost, contraceptives to anyone who is insured by a religious institution that objects to birth control, in this case, the Catholic Church/Georgetown University. Since everyone knows that cost is ALWAYS passed on by business, in effect, the “free” contraceptives would be paid for by raising insurance premiums. So, no, Ben, indirectly, you would be paying for her contraceptives. And, if she can afford law school. she can afford “the pill”.

      • March 18, 2012 9:38 am

        Since everyone knows that cost is ALWAYS passed on by business

        First of all, supply and demand determines prices. Second, birth control is a LOT cheaper than prenatal care, so they’re actually saving money when they provide birth control, so prices should come down. 🙂

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