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Get your government freebies while they last!

March 7, 2012

If you work for a living and worked hard enough so that you make a decent wage now, you are being penalized by the federal government. Did you know they have programs for low income people that gives them cell phones and 250 minutes a month free? Well not exactly free, you are paying for it with taxes and fees (federal universal service fee or universal connectivity fee), check your phone bill. There are two companies pushing these programs, the first is SafeLink wireless (, see for yourself. And down towards the bottom of the page it even says “more free minutes-refer a friend”, in other words help us enroll as many people in this government program as possible. The second is Assurance Wireless (Virgin Mobile)(, and basically to qualify all you have to do is be receiving almost any kind of government aid. Or make minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. I understand the need to help people in need, but a cell phone is a luxury item. The government will give you this garbage about having to have it for emergencies and other stories. If they want help getting a home phone, for which that program is available also, I can understand that, kinda. And if that’s not enough they have a program where low income people can get high speed DSL for only $9.95 a month with no installation charges and no equipment rentals fees. It’s called internet essentials. If you are going give away tax payer dollars like that give them a home phone and dial-up internet. They seem to have all the compassion in the world for the people paying no taxes, but none for those who work hard and pay for the rest.

I am out of work on workers comp right now and I qualify for this program, I am going to apply just to verify all of the information I have read. I don’t need the free phone I have one I pay for, a tracfone, and when I don’t have money for minutes I don’t use it, it’s called reality. But I will let you know how it turns out.

I almost missed something I really wanted to add in there. On the FCC website it talks about how most carriers choose to pass on this contribution the carriers make to the Universal Service Fund to their customers. I find it absurd to call it a contribution, they don’t pay it voluntarily. And the FCC will be raising this fee from what I understand, but I still have more reading to do yet.

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