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An American

March 6, 2012

Hello everyone! I am finally ready to attack this full speed ahead. I want to start with talking about the media. The media has become a joke in America, most of the main stream are puppets for the left and obama, Fox news is not much better, their slant to the right is just as obvious. So where does that leave us? It leaves us in the position where we have to spend hours online reading and researching to find the truth. It’s out there but most people don’t have the time to find it, family, work and life just don’t allow it most of the time. That’s part of the reason I am here, I hope to be able cut through the BS and help you see the truth. I am not a democrat or a republican, I am an Independent, an American. You have to understand the government and big business don’t want you to know the truth. 20years ago when I first heard people talking about a new world order and things of that nature I thought they were nuts. After years of watching and reading I am not sure exactly what or who, but there are groups out there with designs on our country. And those designs are not to our benefit or our freedoms. So please give a chance to inform you, and make your own decision. I will be trying to add at least one new post a day, and I am going to try and not go off on rants as I do on occasion, rants don’t usually inform as much as insult. Thanks for reading this and please bookmark me, it will worth the ride.

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  1. March 6, 2012 7:14 pm

    I will agree with you on the basis of the media but with FOX they do tend to lean to the right. That being said what I do like is as an example Hannity if he was anymore conservative you’d have to give him a helping hand to stand back up, yet he always has at least one and on many occasions 2 on a 3 person panel from the left. What does bother me is there are serious issues out there that none of the media including FOX that they don’t report. Why is it they don’t point out the things with Ron Paul? They report Romney and healthcare, Newt and ethic violation (even though he was cleared of ALL charges they forget to mention that) and Santorum they report how he supported Spector. They don’t report how Paul help Frank select 14 people for a committee to cut our National Defense Budget 1 Trillion dollars. Out of the 14 selected 11 are directly connected or associated to George Soros. Also if you remember I told you about the HawkerBeach company almost 2 weeks before FOX reported on it and there have been some that were never reported. WHY can’t we get ALL the news?? I really didn’t care about watching Whitney Houston’s funeral! To me that was not news it was a side show.

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