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Tiliis MV - Tell it like it is My View (by Keith Vail)

Political and social commentary for people that understand the reality that neither political party serves "We The People" anymore.

Back To The Basics

November 27, 2012

My viewer ship is not growing, in fact it is dropping, that is my fault. It is partly due to the fact I have not been posting. I have not been sure what to post about, so I decided to just get back to the basics.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS… I thought for the most part this election was about jobs and the economy. I guess I was wrong, because the American people did not vote for jobs or the economy. In fact I am not sure what they voted for. From what I have read the black community (for the most part) voted based on skin color, no racism there huh? The latino community voted based on the issue of immigration, I can see their concern for America, none. I have always done my best to look at all of us as Americans, I have realized I can no longer do that. The reason being is too many people apparently don’t think of themselves as Americans, or simply are too selfish and self centered to see beyond themselves.

So here we are, no closer to creating jobs after four years of an Obama administration. He can say whatever he likes, but at the beginning of his first term he had a majority in the house and senate. Did he pass any real jobs bills? Create any legislation to help the economy? Can anyone tell me what he has really done to help the average American?

He is hung up on this idea about raising the taxes on the rich, that is his whole solution to our problems. It has already been proven that the revenue raised would be meaningless in the big picture. The people with money are the job creators, so what is his goal? Stop job creation, so it seems. If you look at his actions since taking office, everyone of them points towards trying to hurt America. I have argued this with many liberals and democrats, not one of them has yet to make a valid point based on facts.

So where does that leave those of us that have intelligence and are concerned about our country? That’s a question I have been asking myself for a long time. The answer is in education, educating ourselves so when the shit starts to hit the fan, and it will, we can explain why. But, we also need to be ready to offer solutions. The biggest obstacle is going to be to get many people to understand the solutions are going to hurt for a while. We cannot continue to support so many people on the government dime (insert liberal cries of racism and hate here), people need to understand the reality that they are responsible for themselves. Nothing is wrong with needing a hand up once in a while, but we have too many parasites now. So we need to deal with reality before the system collapses (the goal of many in the gov).

So learn to ignore the cries of racism, bigotry, sexism, etc… The people that are trying to hurt our country are going to hurl them at anyone and everyone that disagrees with their agenda. It has already started with anyone that might be a serious candidate for the mid-term elections and future presidential candidates on the Republican side. You may not be able to open anyone’s eyes to reality, but to give up without trying will only hasten our downfall. We must accept this setback and work harder, remember many of us are carrying the load for those that won’t work. It’s not fair or right, but it is what is real, the smart people will understand that!


The Tax Truths?

November 18, 2012

The president wants to raise the tax rates for the rich, it actually seems to be an obsession for him. I have gotten to the point over time where I question his motivation for everything he does, so why the need to raise taxes on anyone in this economic environment. No one on public assistance has ever created a job to the best of my knowledge, most job creation is done by small businesses in America.

Why do we not hear any talk from either party about cutting costs, when we do it is just one party trying to blame the other for trying to take from the poor. A political ploy the democrats have elevated to a science (but that’s a whole other article). Our debt and deficit are out of control with over a trillion dollars in spending in each of the last 3 years, now they of course will want to raise the debt ceiling again.

So here we are looking at raising the tax rates for the rich again. Though the administration does not want you to know it, the rich already pay more in taxes then the rest of us combined. I have posted this chart from the IRS before, and I am going to share it again. I tried to get more updated information from the IRS website but they changed the format so it is harder to get the facts in an easily post-able format, I am sure that was not an accident. This chart is from 2009, still relevant because that was just a few years ago, it shows who pays what percentages of the total tax base and approximate tax rate for each group.

2009 Tax Table from the IRS website grouping taxpayers by income level

The chart is self explanatory, but if you have any questions please let me know, I will be more then happy to answer them for you. As you can see from the chart though, the top 1% of the taxpayers pay 36.7% of all taxes paid in that tax year. The top 50% of taxpayers paid 97.7% of all taxes collected, this is according to the IRS, I don’t believe they would have any reason to lie about these figures.


So we can read the statistics or listen to the rhetoric from the politicians. You can get more updated information from the IRS if you wish, when I get the time I would like to bring you an updated and more comprehensive picture of the situation. But this gives you a little food for thought, and might make you hungry for more, that is part of the reason for this blog. My hope is to get the average American asking more questions and refusing to accept the status quo of party talking points.


Standardized Testing

November 16, 2012

This is an awesome article from the Hoover Institute about education and standardized testing of students in the US.

It’s about Educating

November 16, 2012

I have realized what I believe is the most important issue conservative Americans need to focus on. That issue is educating Americans about the truth of our modern society. I kept hearing about uninformed  voters this election cycle, I have to agree completely with that classification of the average voter.

We should all care more about how informed a voter is then what party they belong to, personally I believe the more informed you become the more conservative you become. I, and others I know became more conservative as our knowledge of politics and government grew.

I know so many people that don’t want to talk about politics, I think this is due to a lack of understanding. A lack of not just understanding  politics itself but of understanding that politics affects every second of their life. I have yet to find a single issue in life that is not affected by politics (government influence or regulation) in some way.

Some people voted for Obama because they want free stuff, why is that? Do they lack a basic education allowing them to improve their station in life, or an education level that makes them believe they can live better on the free stuff then they can earn. In America if you don’t get an education that is your own fault, after all a high school education is free, granted the quality of that education has diminished greatly in the past 3 or 4 decades. Also our education system has been taken over by liberals/socialists who are more concerned with their agenda then actually educating.

I quit school in the 9th grade (my fault), I came from a single parent family, experienced drug and alcohol use and abuse. According to the experts (mostly liberal), I should have ended up in jail or on welfare, etc… I did not, why is that? Not only did I not end up incarcerated, I got through cocaine addiction and heavy meth use while working full time. I did not resort to stealing and lying to support my habits. My habits were prompted by mental and emotional issues I had a hard time dealing with and overcoming.

What kept me plodding ahead through all of this? Growing up without a father gave me a (the world owes me) bad attitude, and seeing all the stuff others had that we did not as I grew up did not help. One certain lesson I learned made the most difference and helped me to keep going. That lesson was that most people that have the things I want from life worked for them, they earned them. So even though I was my own worst enemy, and wasted a lot of the resources I had due to my personal choices, I still came out on top as far as I am concerned.

From that one lesson grew many more, I learned the importance of hard work, personal responsibility and civic responsibility. More importantly I learned to appreciate how these things contributed to my life and to society as a whole. Not everything we learn is learned in school, if not for school though I would not have acquired the critical thinking skills that allowed me to overcome what I have.

My point through my ramblings here is knowledge is the most important thing we can posses. The knowledge I gained gave me the desire to improve my station in life. Though I did not achieve many of the things I wished to, that was because of my own decisions and actions. Those failures became new lessons, each brought me closer to a better understanding of the realities of my existence.

We need to get back to educating our children with the basics first, if they don’t get them in school, they most likely won’t get them later. So those of us that truly care about the health of our country and society must find a way to educate those that don’t seem to want to learn. We must show them somehow the benefits they gain from knowledge. I would rather work a forty hour week even if I end up with the same as I would on welfare and food stamps. Why? What I gain emotionally and mentally as a person is worth more then I can explain. And working opens up more opportunities for me, allowing me to earn more and grow more and contribute more to society.

So we need to plant some seeds of knowledge when we can, and hope those seeds become something more.

Not Giving Up

November 14, 2012

At first I got depressed about the election, then I realized people like myself have become even more important to America. I am and always will be a proud American and a Tea Party member, we are the ones that still believe as our fore fathers did, in freedom, rights and personal responsibility. I don’t understand why so many people are afraid of small responsible government, fiscal restraint and common sense in applying regulations on people and business.

And yes I am one of those people that want to take us back in time, back to a time when people had real morals and values, integrity was something that was respected. The ends did not justify the means, getting your way was not the most important thing in life. Hard work and hardships built character, character built a better society. People helped people, not the government, it is not their job! I am out of work because of an on the job injury, I am concerned about there being a job for me when the doctor releases me to go back to work. But I can tell you I will find a way to get by without the government putting it’s hand out to me.

I am currently receiving food stamps and I put it off for over a year even though I qualified for them, I waited until I really needed them, and am looking forward to the day I can give them up. A little part of me cried inside when I had to get them, I was taught that Americans stand on their own, and take care of their own. It saddened me that I could not take care of my own responsibilities, it really messed with my mind for a while, I have learned to deal with it for now, but look forward to the time when I am a whole person again and able to take care of my own responsibilities as it should be. What really saddens me is too many people find no shame in shirking their duties and living off the system, granted not all people who are getting assistance are doing that, but a fair amount are.

It is up to each of us as individuals to decide who we are going to be, I guess some of us just hold ourselves to a higher standard, and demand more of ourselves. All I ask from my government is to protect my rights and freedoms and allow me to decide as an individual how high I climb, and stop knocking the rungs on the social ladder out from under me!

Is Congress Rigging the Game?

November 9, 2012

This is a perfect example of why I say we must get more involved personally in the system. This article at “The Fiscal Times” shows you what a joke we the people are to Congress, it’s all about show me the money!

It’s Time

November 9, 2012

I have been thinking about this for many years now, that is a third political party. Everybody in politics has their reasons why we don’t need one, most of them I have heard are basically self preservation issues for their party.

Anyone that has read my posts here knows I don’t feel either party is serving us, no secret there. People I know say that we already have other parties, yes we do. So why are they never a real factor in most of the elections, especially in the presidential races.

I joined the Tea Party because I believe in small government and fiscal responsibility and free markets, I also believe that hard work and personal responsibility coupled with a sense of civic pride and responsibility helped to build America.

Unfortunately I live in NY State right now (temporary) my Tea Party beliefs are meaningless here in the middle of a political desert waiting for an oasis of intelligent thought.

So why can’t a third party become more viable and grow to rival the existing two major parties? We have to ask if the electorate is actually changing in a fundamental way as some claim, or is it a matter of  not meeting the needs and expectations of the people? Either way I think it is time to make the Tea Party a real party and not just groups throughout the country sharing the same ideas and values. I think it is the next logical step in the progression.

I am asking everyone to keep an open mind and just look into the Tea Party and it’s ideas and goals. Without people getting involved on a much larger scale then they are presently, our country is going to go through a transformation that may be impossible to reverse. If the rights and freedoms that you enjoy everyday are important to you, now is the time to take a stand or chance losing them forever.

Each of us needs to ask our self what is truly important to us, and what do we want to leave for future generations. I know not everyone has the same amount of time or comfort level dealing with others. So figure out what really matters to America, your personal beliefs and feelings may not be what is best for the country as a whole. Many people don’t understand that sometimes being an American requires sacrifice and effort.

Every time I see someone burning an American Flag I want to slap the piss out of them, but with all my heart I will continue to fight for their right to do it. We all share those rights, if one loses them we all do. many people out there are trying to move us to socialism, history has proven it does not work, look at Europe.

When you love someone you will go to great lengths for them, if you love your country shouldn’t it be the same?

What Direction

November 8, 2012

I am not sure the direction I want to go with this blog now, the expected outcome of the presidential election did not materialize for me. It has left me temporarily depressed, having obama get re-elected. I do question the outcome due to all of those machines changing Romney votes to obama in early voting.

The reason I am somewhat depressed is because I love my country, and with all of the reading and research I have done I know what will happen in the next four years. None of it will be good for our rights and freedoms, or our wallets. So now I have to regroup because this election has given me a why give a dam attitude. It seems to me too many Americans either don’t know enough to vote competently or don’t care. The third possibility is the scariest though, that is the possibility that too many Americans believe in the social justice and re-distribution of wealth crap the left is pushing.

That means people no longer believe in themselves or America enough for it to survive as a Republic. That is what the re-election of obama really means, hard work and personal responsibility are concepts we no longer cherish or even understand.

The Beginning of the End

November 7, 2012

It seems to be official, obama got re-elected. You can believe what you like, but I can tell you our country is going to get worse, much worse. The facts have been out there on the web but apparently to many people are to dam lazy to or just don’t care enough to heed the warning signs.

Get prepared for the prices of energy to skyrocket as the EPA forces more coal fired power plants to close. With 4100 new regulations taking affect soon thanks to the obama administration, America will find out just how bad it can get. Everything will get much more expensive, EVERYTHING! There will be no job growth, and the debt will only get worse. He is trying to break the country and re-make it, the stupid people won, now we will all pay the price!

All Calibration Issues?

November 4, 2012

I have just read another story about voting machines changing the vote from Romney to Obama, this time in Colorado. Previous stories have this happening in Kansas, Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri and Ohio also. Voting is one of our most fundamental rights as citizens, every safeguard possible should be put in place to protect this right. Electronic voting machines by their nature alone should not be used, there is no paper ballot to verify in a re-count situation. They are programmed, therefore subject to tampering in a manner that cannot be traced back to a responsible party, they will just say it was a glitch or calibration issue.

The company that has the most e-voting machines out there appears to be Dominion Voting, between their machines and their subsidies. The spokesman for Dominion, Chris Riggall has stated that many of the machines in service are as old as 10 years old. So yes we must concede that alone can cause issues with calibration every time they are shipped to a new location. They are a specific application computer basically, susceptible to issues caused by shipping.

My concern here is they all have the exact same issue, changing a vote for Romney to a vote for Obama. If they were all calibration issues as stated, I would think at least one or two might change a vote for Obama to a vote for Romney. That is the real issue in my mind, and should be in other also. We all understand coincidence and chance, this does not appear to fall into either category from all outward apperances though.

This is another example of what I have been saying all along about our government doing what is not in the best interests of the people. We need to insist on bringing back mechanical voting machines with a paper ballot. Only then can we feel secure that our votes are not being tampered with by either party, and we have a backup for verification.

And remember just voting is not enough anymore, we must all get more involved in our country. Not all of us have the time of course, but just learning and understanding more about our system of government can help you to know your vote is cast for the best interests of America. And it will also allow you to have those oh so important political conversations that everybody avoids, the lack of political dialogue is doing more harm then good.